About Our Owners 


Duncan Smith started working with hardwood floors for pay at the ripe old age of 12. When asked when he started without pay he says, "Longer than I can remember. I must have had a hammer in my hand before I could walk.  I was 8 years old when I was allowed to sand closets by myself and hand brush poly in corners."   Assisting his uncle, he quickly learned to love the warmth and beauty of wood floors and continued to work as an independent contractor throughout high school and while earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Louisville.  After graduating, he obtained a management position at a big box store while still sanding and installing floors on his days off, amassing even more expertise. He has long been considered an asset to realtors, designers, and other satisfied clients in the Kentuckiana area. He knew he could offer better service and higher quality standards than the big box store where he worked as a manager. In October of 2015, with his wife, Jacqueline, he launched Old Louisville Hardwood Floors, LLC.  When not working with hardwood floors, he enjoys cycling with his two children, golfing,  and slowly restoring the 1899 Victorian in Old Louisville he and his family call home. 

Jacqueline Smith fell in love with Old Louisville the first time she opened the gate of Floral Terrace as a student at the University of Louisville. After earning her undergraduate degree while living in a cracker box apartment on Fountain Court, she went on to one ill-fated year of law school before beginning a career in civic service and government relations work.  She is an expert in all things traditional architecture, with a specific love of early twentieth century culture.  She has a passion for historic preservation and loves to help clients design their projects.  She's been known to be involved in detailed hand sanding and brushing finish.  When not building the flooring business, she also works as a certified birth doula.  If she had free time, she'd tell you she spends it gardening, sewing, baking.