Screen & Coat / Buffing

For floors without scratches, UV damage, or stains, a full sanding and refinishing of the wood floor may not be necessary. A quicker and more cost effective option for hardwood floors with moderate wear and tear is called "screen and coat". This process involves a very light sanding of the top coat of finish. This will clean off the dirt and debris that gets pounded into the polyurethane or varnish over time, causing it to look dull.  The technician will then apply the new coat of finish, renewing and restoring the natural luster of the floor. This process cannot remove deep gouges, stains, or scratches as a full refinishing, but it is a good option for light wear and tear damage. 

Many owners of rental properties choose screening for the hardwood floors between tenants to refresh the visual appeal of the floor and to protect the wood from high traffic.

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